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Standard Dust Shoe

The standard dust shoe is provided with a 3" brush ring and a 4" dust hose connector.

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* Router/Spindle


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The shoe is specific to a router/spindle. If yours is not in the selection list or you have questions, send e-mail to


DETERMINING SHOE SIZE: The distance from the collet to the spindle body can vary greatly between spindles. The upper acrylic piece of the shoe is clamped around the spindle using a pinch bolt. With the standard 3” brush, the brush tips are approximately 3-1/2” below the bottom of the upper acrylic piece (see the photo above).  Ideally you do not want to have a gap between the brush and the work piece.  Measure the distance from where you plan to clamp the shoe to the bottom of your bit to determine if that distance is greater than 3-1/2”. If so, you can order up to two ½” spacers to increase the allowable distance to 4-1/2”. Note that the dimension specified in the shoe selection list is the diameter of the hole cut in the shoe.  Some spindles have a smaller diameter area below the main body that may be a better location for the shoe. For example, some of the 80mm water cooled spindles have a 69mm area below the main body around which the shoe can be clamped. For this example, if you want to clamp the shoe in that location, order the 69mm shoe and not the 80mm shoe.

SPINDLES WITH ELECTRICAL BOX ON FRONT: Some spindles have a large electrical connection box on the front of the spindle that may interfere with the dust hose. If you have a spindle of that type or have other physical interference concerns, please contact me at so that we can determine if the shoe will work for your configuration.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Care must be taken when installing the shoe so as to not over-tighten the pinch bolt. The pinch bolt should be tightened until the shoe is snug on the router/spindle. Over-tightening the pinch bolt may damage the shoe which in turn could cause bodily harm or equipment damage.  Discontinue use if the dust shoe becomes damaged.
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